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From day to day we go from class to class learning something new every forty minutes. Five days a week we have Irish, English and Maths. As well as Irish we have to learn a second language, which is French. It is not a choice for us, but might be in some other schools around Ireland. There are five subjects we can choose from in our school, which are the following:
  • Art
  • Business
  • Home-Economics
  • Science
  • Music

We all enjoy doing these subjects very much. The most common subjects that were kept in our class are Business, Art and Home-Economics. The teachers in our School are very kind and enthusiastic and take their job very seriously. They try their best to work their hardest in class to provide a good future for the students. They also have a laugh when it is suitable but make students get back to work when needed. All teachers in our school have a reputation that all their students get really good results in their junior certificate and leaving certificate. They do this by making sure our work is of the highest standards. "Setting standards and reaching goals" is how we put it.

Ms Clarke
16/10/2012 01:08:58 am

Great work! Live at Loreto College Crumlin sounds really exciting!

Ms Hafensteiner
20/10/2012 01:21:13 am

we can see that you really like your school and your teachers. That's great. Keep enjoying it!


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