Most schools in Ireland have uniforms. Uniforms are worn everyday to school. Tracksuits are worn for Physical Education, knows as P.E.

The school uniform consists of a jumper (in dark green or light brown) with the school crest on it, a green tie, a cream-coloured blouse, a green skirt, green socks and black or brown shoes.

At Loreto College Crumlin first year to third year students wear cream blouses, green ties, green skirts, green socks, black or brown shoes, but brown jumpers with the school crest on it. In senior cycle (fourth to sixth year) students wear all green with the exception for blouse and shoes.

Most schools in Ireland also have school jackets. So do we. The coats are green with matching green-cream striped scarves. We often wear them during winter.

The sports uniform of the Loreto Camogie team.

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