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by Sara Buchy and Kristina Goss

In Bavaria there are altogether 27 Mary-Ward-Schools. The oldest one is the Mary Ward High School in Augsburg, which was founded in 1662. The youngest one is the Mary Ward School in Eichstätt. It was founded in 1916. The one with the most girls is the Mary Ward Junior High School in Eichstätt with 893 girls. One with not so many girls is the Mary Ward Junior High School in Wallerstein with 200 girls. There are some Mary Ward Schools with boys, but not so many.

Well, about one school we searched for accurate information, the Mary Ward High School in Augsburg.

It was founded in the year 1662 and has got 850 pupils and 60 teachers.
1662: The Englisch religious Mary Poyntz and nine nuns founded the school for girls in Augsburg.
1680: In a letter of the bishop Johann Christoph of Freyburg it said, that at the Mary Ward High School in Augsburg knitting, sewing, embroiding and the languages English, French, Latin, German and Italian were taught.
1992: The congregation gaves the sponsorship to the 'Diözese Augsburg'.

They have got partner schools in England, France, Spain, Italy, India and Pasewalk (that's in Germany).

Mary Ward School in Eichstätt
Mary Ward School in Augsburg
 Our Project in Nesigwe/Zimbabwe
Our school supports the Mary Ward School in Nesigwe/Zimbabwe with the money we collect at our yearly Christmas Bazar, so we contacted the sister who is responsible for the organisation in Germany: Sister Gonzaga. She gave us a lot of important information.

On the 5th March 2010 a new school was built by Bishop Floro of Spain and the nons from the congregatio Jesu. It was supposed to be for 270 boys and girls. The house for the nons, in the near of the Secondary School, was not inhabited for many years, because the nons couldn't start earlier and the bishop couldn't find other nons, who would help them. The African pioneer Sister Magna and Sister Monika work as employees of the bishop in the school Nesigwe, too. 
Zimbabwe means translated 'Land of stones'. Nesigwe means 'lonley hill' and there are not so many houses. There are still problems in the school in Nesigwe. There aren't enough classrooms, teacher's rooms, rooms for school equipment. Many children come to school hungry, so they are provided with food there. One of three children is an ophan, some have to walk as far as 10 km to school and some of them have HIV. 
Well, the school doesn't collect much money, so they can't do lots of improvements. 
With the money they received fom our school they were able to add another building. The Mary Ward Nons are still at the beginning of their work and they have to be admired for their courage, energy and confidence.
We are happy that we can be part to improve their situation.
The teachers
Some pupils
One of the classrooms
During the lessons with Sister Tabeth
by Natasha and Gericelle.

Teenage fashion in Ireland, like in other parts of the world, depends on the personality of the young person. As teenagers we are different and we show it in what and how we wear it. We are at the stage in our lives where we are trying to find ourselves as individuals that involves our image and the way we look.

Some teenagers are into girly-girl clothing, which involves pretty little dresses in bright colours.

Girly-girl style
Converse sneakers are an essential part of the athletic style.
Some teenagers are more into athletic clothing. This involves basketball or football jerseys, sneakers and tracksuit bottoms, which we as teenagers in Ireland wear mostly for comfort and for the cold weather that is common in Ireland.

There are other teenagers who like Hippie’s clothing, which involves oversized clothing, such as jumpers from vintage stores or second-hand shops.
Hippy style
Hip-hop clothing is also popular with some teenagers. This involves some sort of street-wear fashion, like T-shirts, sweatshirts, apparel hoodies, jeans and club-wear, which could be shorts (some with studs)  that are notoriously worn nowadays in the streets of Ireland.
Hip-hop style

Those teenagers who like to be different like wear gothic style of clothing, which include punk clothing and dark metallic styles.

And finally, some teenagers are into military wear, which includes military jackets and military boots (some of which would have been worn by a famous person).

Military wear

So you can see that teenagers produce a pretty colourful picture on the streets of Ireland. Irish girls love to be stylish. There are no limits when it comes to dressing up and creating one’s individual style!

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 Bavaria is one of the most popular states in Germany. Many tourists come every year to see some of the nice landscape or to climb up one of the wonderful mountains. But Bavaria isn´t just famous for it`s landscape:

We‘ve divide our topic into three parts:

1.„King Ludwig II. of Bavaria and his castle“
2.„Königssee“ (a beautiful lake)
3.„Bavaria Filmstudios“ (Here are produced  famous german films)

1. King Ludwig II.
                                                                                                                                                        made by Lena  
King Ludwig II. was the first son of crown prince Maximilian II. and princess Marie of Prussia. He was born on the 25th of August 1845 in Nymphenburgcastle near Munich. He had a nice childhood in Hohenschwangau castle, near Berchtesgaden. Since his childhood he loved Wagner operas. His father died after a short illness. So he was the new king of Bavaria. In 1867 he got engaged, but a short time afterwards resolved the engagement. In 1849 he was planning the nicest castle called Neuschwanstein. Because he built that castle he was called the mysterious king. In 1870 he started the plan for his 2nd castle called Linderhof. In 1873 he bought the Herreninsel, on this island he built in 1878 a castle, called Herrenchiemsee, which has never been finished. In 1886 his doctors said he was mentally ill, because he built castles for so much money and wasn't concerned about his public. So he lost his throne. On June 13 1886 he drowned in lake Starnberg.
In 1873 King Ludwig II of Bavaria acquired the Herreninsel as the location for his Royal Palace of Herrenchiemsee (New Palace). Modelled on Versailles, this palace was built as a "Temple of Fame" for King Louis XIV of France, whom the Bavarian monarch fervently admired.                          


The actual building of this "Bavarian Versailles", which was begun in 1878 from plans by Georg Dollmann, was preceded by a total of 13 planning stages. When Ludwig II died in 1886 the palace was still incompleted, and sections of it were later demolished.
The highlights of the large state rooms are the State Staircase, the State Bedroom and the Great Hall of Mirrors. The king's own rooms were in the intimate Small Apartment, designed in the French rococo style.
In 1876 Court Garden Director Carl von Effner completed the plans for a large garden resembling of Versailles. When the king died, only the sections along the main axis with their famous fountains and waterworks had been completed.

2.Lake Königssee
made by Marleen

The Lake Königssee is one of the most beautiful lakes in bavaria. It`s famous for its cristallgreeen water. It is placed on Berchtesgadener Land which forms the south-east nook of germany.
 Many tourists visit the lake every year. So it isn´t  a wonder that the German National Tourist Board voted him as one of the top 100 sights of Germany 2012.

St. Bartholomew´s Church is the emblem of Lake Königssee.

The pilgrimage church lies picturesquely  on a  peninsula. 

The Lake is located at a Jurassic rift. It was formed by glaciers during the last ice age. He´s noted for it´s clear water and is advertised as the cleanest lake in Germany. This is the reason why only electric powered passenger ships and pedal boats have been driven on the lake since 1909.

Another popular thing is the drive with the passengers ship to the peninsula. Because of the lake‘s position with all the huge mountains around it, you‘ve got a fantastic soundscape. When you drive with the boat through the mountain passage, the driver of the boat stops in the middle of the lake and he plays a trumpet to display an echo. It can be heard reflected up to seven times. Here‘s a link to youtube, where you can see it.


 Here are some informations about the lake:

Max. length 7.7 km
Max. width 1.7 km
Max. depth 190 m

So, on the peninsula there is a church. St Bartoholomew.
You can only visit the peninsula with the ship, except if you are an alpinist and you climb up over the mountains .But I think that could be difficult. Well, the church was many, many years ago only a chapel.The chapel was built in 1134. However the chapel was too moderate and the Bavarian nobility broke it up. But the Bavarian king Ludwig II let it build up again. Since then, she has her baroque look with the imperial roofs and the red cupola.
St Bartholomew‘s church is an important part of the „Almer Wallfahrt“, which means a famous pilgrimage.It‘s the oldest pilgrimage in Europe. It first started in the 16th century.The pilgrims walk over 11 hours from Austria to Berchtesgadener Land and take the ship to St Bartholomew‘s, their destinatise.

3.Bavaria Filmstudios
made by Claudia

The bavaria filmstudios is a famous studio, which produces german films. I will tell you more about it:

They have many shooting films. Amongst others “Wikie und die starken Männer” ( Wikie and the strong men), “Das Boot”(The Boat), “Asterix und Obelix“(maybe you know the famous comic), „Die Wilden Kerle“(The wild Guys), „Die unendliche Geschichte“ (The Never Ending Story) and „Traumschiff Surprise“(Spaceship Surprise,a parodie of Spaceship Enterprise)

4 D Cinema:

The “Bavaria Filstudios” have also a 4D cinema. It´s a funny experience. When you look at an action film it can appear that your chair turns in the directon of the movement in scene. Or you sloshed with water.

The Stuntshow
Since 1989 the highlight of the Bavaria Filstudios was a stuntshow. The highlight of the stuntshow was a jump from 22 meters. From 2004 to 2010 was the stuntshow in a 1200 m² tall hall. There could seat 500 visiters. The 45-minutes show played in front of New Yorker blocks. Bavaria Filmstadt had a policecar and a policemotorcycle too. But in November 2010 the stuntshow was stopped to be performed.
Here`s also a link to youtube:

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