Emily Ringstetter in a modern Dirndl

Zum Depending on the occasion, a dirndl is made  from plain or printed cotton, linen or silk. Usually it is one piece with closure zipper, hook,various buttons or laces) at the front and in center. A zipper can also be attached to the back or to the side. Traditionally, the dirndl has incorporated a pocket at the front or side, which is hidden under the skirt. Mostlya white Dirndl blouse is one which only extends to just below the chest,as well as a shawl or a short scarf.

Between a classic dress dirndl, a one-piece dress with apron, and woven fabrics with traditional patterns, and also a country house dress that is made ​​of gray or colored linen, some with leather bodice
or stocking.

Since the 20th century, more and more designers are working on the dirndl topic of fashion. Bearbeiten hier klicken .


Here are some examples for hairstyling that we wear to festivals, for example the 'Oktoberfest’.

Here are some tutorials:

Vanessa Höner wearing an old school-t-shirt

In our school we don’t have
 to wear schooluniforms. We  can wear everything we want to, as long it isn't too short or too sexy or else we have to wear one of our old school-t-shirts.

These are our new
school-t-shirts and -jackets. The prizes are 16 EUR for a t-shirt and 22 EUR for
a jacket.

Our school-logo

Our school logo was designed by a pupil. Around 2 years ago, we had
a contest for our school logo. Every pupil had the opportunity to join the
contest. The teachers voted and the drawing with the most votes won

our school

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