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Hi, we are
Franzi, Susi and Sophia. We’re going to tell you about our Chiemgau
(our district). Our Chiemgau is 784 km² big. There are ca 120 village and little towns. Our district town is called Traunstein. It has got about
19 000 inhabitants. In our Chiemgau there are many lakes, where you can swim in summer. Our Chiemgau is the biggest district in Bavaria.
We live here and we love it because:

- The nature is unspoiled
- You can do so many different activities
- It is a safe place to live

The Mountains:


I am going to give some more information about three mountains.

The Rauschberg: 1672m
The Unternberg: 1425m
The Hochfelln: 1674m

First: The Rauschberg:

The Rauschberg has its name neither from the excesses of alcohol nor the lush blooms of the Alpine rose: the ´rush´ is actually the plumbiferous stone which people used to dig for on the Rauschberg. The
Rauschberg cable car has been bringing passengers to this mountain in Ruhpolding since 1953. On the mountain´s peak, a geology trail and an art mile of work by Angerer the Younger provide interestig deversions. “Adam´s Hand”, a 6 meter high, stylisted hand, pointing exactly towards Rome and created by Angerer the Younger has become a special attraction.
If you walk from the car park to the top of the mountain, you will need 2 hours to go. We have got a ramp for the paragliders, too. They take their equipment to the top in the cable car. In summer you can see how they are assembled their paragliders. It´s exciting very to watch that,, if you have never seen it before. 

Second: The Unternberg:

The Unternberg is about 1425m high. It is the ultimate sport and leisure area in  Ruhpolding! In winter it provides a great hiking area with magnificent 360° views from the Central Alps across to Lake Chiemsee. You can watch the hangliders and paragliders or learn how to do it yourself at the flying school. Anyone who climbs the Unternberg by mountain bike or on foot can be truly proud of themselves. It is easier to get to the top by chair lift. In winter the Unternberg enchants skiers, families, clubs and ski tourers alike with its small yet finely formed ski area. The host at the lovingly restored Unternberg Alm lodge are always on hand to provide an inexpensive hearty snack to help keep your strenght up.

Last: The Hochfelln:

The Hochfelln is the mountain which seperates the two
villages Bergen and Ruhpolding. Each year there is a big festival: “the
fellnerfest”. Many groups of traditional musicans are playing the whole day. Some people dance traditional dances. If you walk up to the top you will need ca. 3 hours. You can go by cable car, too. It drives from the foot of the mountain to the middlestation and then to the top of the mountain. Maybe, if you like you can get out in the station to walk the last part to the top by foot. In the year 1971 they took an elephant to the the gondola. At the top of the mountain there is a small guest house, where you can stay overnight. There is a small ski resort, too. So you are able to go skiing in the winter. In summer you can cycle the whole part to the top on bike. You can even take a course in Jodeln (it´s a special kind of bavarian singing)on the top of the mountain with a certified teacher. But the best of all is the spectacular view. On clear days you can see the whole mountain chain of the Austrian alps, even some glaciers in the back. 

The Rauschberg
guesthouse on the top of the Hochfelln
The Kampenwand

The Chiemsee:

The Chiemsee is a very big lake, this is why it is named the Bavaria sea. The surface is 79,9 km² big. The Chiemsee is the biggest lake in Bavaria and after the Bodensee and the Mürtzs the biggest lake in Germany. There some islands in the lake. They’re called: The Herreninsel, the Fraueninsel and the Krautinsel. Some researcher thinks that our Chiemgau, the villiage Chieming and the Chiemsee are named after Count Chiemo.

In summer you can:

- swim in the lake
- chill out with your friends
- feed ducks
- eat ice-cream
- bicycle around the lake
- drive with a boat on the lake 

The Herreninsel:

The Herrenchiemsee is a castle on the Herreninsel, an island in the Chiemsee. There are two castles. The first one is called the new castle of
Herrenchiemsee, built in the year 1878 under the King König Ludwig II. The second is an old castle which was a convent before. You can ride around the island like a horse carriage. The landscape park from the old castle is very nice and there are many flowers. You can drive from one island to another with a boat.

The Fraueninsel:

The Fraueninsel is the second largest island in the Chiemsee.The island is 15,5 ha big and there live about 300 people. On the island there used to be a monastery for women. Until a few years ago, there was a boarding school for girls there, too. You can walk around the island with your family.
The Chiemsee
The Fraueninsel
The Herreninsel
The castle Herren Chiemsee

The cattle drive:

The cattle drive
is a very important tradition. At the end of September, the farmers bring the cows from the pastures high in the mountains, home to their farms. The cows wear beautiful headdresses, which consist mostly of straw, flowers and colourful ribbons. The women have spent many days doing the decorations.  But this only takes place when the alpine summer went well and no cows were hurt or died. The farmers all wear Bavarian ´Dirndl´ and ´Lederhosen´ and play traditional Bavarian brass music. They walk along the streets and many people are looking at them. The farmers are very proud of their cows. 

A farmer (he is wearing a Lederhosen) and his cow (it´s wearing a nice headdress)
A Bavarian brass band
three girls who wearing Bavarian Dirndl.
A pasture
The cattle drive
(by: Franziska Steibacher, Susanne Koziel and Sophia Haunerdinger)

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