by Alexandra Steinmaßl
Always on the first of May in our region, the maypoles are set up.
It is a decorated tree, which is sometimes in the bavarian colours blue and white.

The maypole is set up in front of a inn in the community.

The tree must be at least 30 m tall and 100 years old.

Men from the community cut the Maypole.

They cut it  between Christmas and 6 of Janury.

3 days before May 1st, they bring it to the front of the inn.

People from other communities are allowed to steal the tree secretly.

So that the maypole can be set up on May 1st, the people who stole it want a free snack, before they give it back.

Then on May 1st all people from the community go to the inn to drink, eat and celebrate.

The marching band from the community plays and the people dance traditional dances.

Traditonal dance

a marching band

The maypole is set up by the men, who wear bavarian garb.

There are also some signs on the tree, which show the different businesses of the community.

9/11/2012 09:41:21 pm

Hello! Really nice fotos - perhaps a little bit small, but the quality is really good! :-) hope you have fun with the projekt. wörz diana


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