We attend Loreto College Crumlin in Dublin 12. Everyday of going to this school is a new experience. We enjoy attending Loreto College. In fact we meet most of our best friends at this school. I attended Loreto College all my school life: first the primary school and now the secondary school. Jamie attended Loreto during primary school, too.

On Monday's and Tuesday's our school finishes at 3.40pm. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we finish school at 3pm. Each class last for 40 minutes except on Tuesday and Thursday morning our first three classes only last for 35 minutes, because we have 15 minutes of tutor time before we have our small break at 11:00, which last for 10 minutes. Tutor time is a class we go to see our tutor, who then signs our journals and makes important announcements. Our tutor checks our journals to make sure we don't get any bad notes for misbehaving during classes. Our tutor is Mr. Brennan and our year head is Miss Maxwell. Our principal is Miss Dempsey and our deputy principal is Miss Murphy. We get homework in most of our classes, but sometimes our teachers give us a few minutes before the bell goes to get a start on it and if you get it all done you have no homework for that class which is great!

We wear a green skirt, cream blouse, green tie and crested beige jumper and black or brown shoes. When you get to 4th year (senior cycle) you get to wear a green jumper instead. Every year 6th years create a banner with a motto before they leave the school. These banners are then displayed in school for years to come.

We love attending Loreto College Crumlin!    

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    We are the students of 8A at the Maria-Ward-Schule in Traunstein, Germany and of 2AB at Loreto College Crumlin in Dublin, Ireland.

    This blog was created for our first virtual exchange project. Every week we will upload different topics about school life, tradition, culture and leisure in our home countries and exchange ideas and comments about these.

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