by Sara Buchy and Kristina Goss

In Bavaria there are altogether 27 Mary-Ward-Schools. The oldest one is the Mary Ward High School in Augsburg, which was founded in 1662. The youngest one is the Mary Ward School in Eichstätt. It was founded in 1916. The one with the most girls is the Mary Ward Junior High School in Eichstätt with 893 girls. One with not so many girls is the Mary Ward Junior High School in Wallerstein with 200 girls. There are some Mary Ward Schools with boys, but not so many.

Well, about one school we searched for accurate information, the Mary Ward High School in Augsburg.

It was founded in the year 1662 and has got 850 pupils and 60 teachers.
1662: The Englisch religious Mary Poyntz and nine nuns founded the school for girls in Augsburg.
1680: In a letter of the bishop Johann Christoph of Freyburg it said, that at the Mary Ward High School in Augsburg knitting, sewing, embroiding and the languages English, French, Latin, German and Italian were taught.
1992: The congregation gaves the sponsorship to the 'Diözese Augsburg'.

They have got partner schools in England, France, Spain, Italy, India and Pasewalk (that's in Germany).

Mary Ward School in Eichstätt
Mary Ward School in Augsburg
 Our Project in Nesigwe/Zimbabwe
Our school supports the Mary Ward School in Nesigwe/Zimbabwe with the money we collect at our yearly Christmas Bazar, so we contacted the sister who is responsible for the organisation in Germany: Sister Gonzaga. She gave us a lot of important information.

On the 5th March 2010 a new school was built by Bishop Floro of Spain and the nons from the congregatio Jesu. It was supposed to be for 270 boys and girls. The house for the nons, in the near of the Secondary School, was not inhabited for many years, because the nons couldn't start earlier and the bishop couldn't find other nons, who would help them. The African pioneer Sister Magna and Sister Monika work as employees of the bishop in the school Nesigwe, too. 
Zimbabwe means translated 'Land of stones'. Nesigwe means 'lonley hill' and there are not so many houses. There are still problems in the school in Nesigwe. There aren't enough classrooms, teacher's rooms, rooms for school equipment. Many children come to school hungry, so they are provided with food there. One of three children is an ophan, some have to walk as far as 10 km to school and some of them have HIV. 
Well, the school doesn't collect much money, so they can't do lots of improvements. 
With the money they received fom our school they were able to add another building. The Mary Ward Nons are still at the beginning of their work and they have to be admired for their courage, energy and confidence.
We are happy that we can be part to improve their situation.
The teachers
Some pupils
One of the classrooms
During the lessons with Sister Tabeth

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