by Natasha and Gericelle.

Teenage fashion in Ireland, like in other parts of the world, depends on the personality of the young person. As teenagers we are different and we show it in what and how we wear it. We are at the stage in our lives where we are trying to find ourselves as individuals that involves our image and the way we look.

Some teenagers are into girly-girl clothing, which involves pretty little dresses in bright colours.

Girly-girl style
Converse sneakers are an essential part of the athletic style.
Some teenagers are more into athletic clothing. This involves basketball or football jerseys, sneakers and tracksuit bottoms, which we as teenagers in Ireland wear mostly for comfort and for the cold weather that is common in Ireland.

There are other teenagers who like Hippie’s clothing, which involves oversized clothing, such as jumpers from vintage stores or second-hand shops.
Hippy style
Hip-hop clothing is also popular with some teenagers. This involves some sort of street-wear fashion, like T-shirts, sweatshirts, apparel hoodies, jeans and club-wear, which could be shorts (some with studs)  that are notoriously worn nowadays in the streets of Ireland.
Hip-hop style

Those teenagers who like to be different like wear gothic style of clothing, which include punk clothing and dark metallic styles.

And finally, some teenagers are into military wear, which includes military jackets and military boots (some of which would have been worn by a famous person).

Military wear

So you can see that teenagers produce a pretty colourful picture on the streets of Ireland. Irish girls love to be stylish. There are no limits when it comes to dressing up and creating one’s individual style!

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